by Glen Berger
directed by Mina Morita
performed by Mick Mize

July 20 - Aug 4th 2013, Live Oak Theater

In Glen Berger’s UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL a Dutch librarian finds a book returned 113 years overdue. His hunt for the culprit launches him on a quest around the world and uncovers the mysteries of the universe.

"It’s a compelling tale, almost Borgesian in its fantastical intellectualism" - Sam Hurwitt, KQED

production: Stephanie Buchner (lights) Shaun Carroll (set & props) Christine Crook (costumes) Madeliene Oldham (sound) Ben Shipley (stage management) Nora Sorena Casey (dramaturg/assistant director)


The Librarian (Mick Mize). Photo: Mina Morita

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