Production photo credit: Jay Yamada
(From Top Left Photo, from L to R: Martha Brigham, Lauren English, Lauren Spencer, Justin DuPuis)

Pre-production photo credit: Cheshire Isaacs


WE Are Proud to PResent...
BY Jackie Sibblies Drury

L to R: Another White Man (Patrick Jones), Sarah (Megan Trout) and Another Black Man (Rotimi Agbabiaka) improvise a fight.

L to R: Another White Man (Patrick Jones), Sarah (Megan Trout) and Another Black Man (Rotimi Agbabiaka) improvise a fight.

"Impressive, disturbing and thought-provoking...those looking for strong, multi-layered ensemble work will find plenty of rewards in "Herero".
-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"Hysterically funny, brutal, touching, appalling and chilling — often several of these at the same time..."
- Sam Hurwitt, KQED

"Drury's inventive play, with its completely unpredictable ending, may take you someplace you've never been before."
-Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner

"Among the most harrowing moments I've seen in a Bay Area Theater."
-Lily Janiak, SF Weekly

"It deals with heavy subject matter (genocide) but does so with intelligence, humor and a wildly energetic style that moves well beyond the usual, polite play-audience interaction and more into the visceral punch-in-the-gut territory that leaves you slightly dazed in its aftermath."
-Chad Jones, TheatreDogs

In From The Cold
BY JOnathan Spector

"The play is firing on cylinders...achieve(s) a precise balance of drama and farce."
Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

"A funny, funny play about serious themes that both moves and tickles its audience."
- Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm

"(one of) the Bay Area's most exciting small theater companies"
- Lily Janiak, SF Weekly

(From L to R: Seton Brown and Harold Pierce. Photo Credit: Cheshire Isaacs)

(From L to R: Seton Brown and Harold Pierce. Photo Credit: Cheshire Isaacs)



"Amazingly inventive...It's heady. It's funny, poignant and challenging. And it's captivating."
- Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"It's just stunning...mindblowing and often disturbing and hilarious at the same time."
-Sam Hurwitt, KQED (Top Ten Show of 2013)

"with Rob Handel's play...the small company became the talk of the town"
- Lily Janiak, SF Weekly ('Best Of' Theater 2013)

"Both the play and the production are's just plain magnificent."
- Charles Kruger, The Examiner

"a jaw-droppingly good performance... Aaronson-Gelb and her actors present the best possible case for Handel’s play as one of the juiciest, most involving dramas to be seen on a Bay Area stage in recent months."
- Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs

Jessica (Frannie Morrison) is interview by Kim (Lauren Spencer)

Jessica (Frannie Morrison) is interview by Kim (Lauren Spencer)

by Anne Washburn

"(a)smartly written and very funny comedy, now receiving a terrific West Coast premiere"
-Robert Avila, SF Bay Guardian

"The Internationalist makes an art of incomprehension"
- Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

by Erin Bregman

"an evocative look at how we keep reframing the narratives of our lives...a playwright to watch"
-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

"an engaging, refreshing, often touching experience"
-Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

by Jason Grote

"compelling...engrossing...(the) actors spin the tales to a mesmerizing effect......the small, adventurous Just Theater deserves a vote of thanks for mounting this provocative, comic play..."  -Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"The whole show is a spellbinding, often hilarious and intricately tangled celebration of the power of’s a fantastic production of a brilliant play that makes for an almost giddily exciting eveningat the theater." 
- Sam Hurwitt, The (Top Ten Show of 2010)

"Wildly entertaining"
-East Bay Express

I Have Loved Strangers
by Anne Washburn

"utterly's the kind of work that leaves you with more questions than answers, and that's definitely a virtue."
-Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express (Top Ten Show of the Year)