New Play Lab

We're now accepting applications for our 2014/15 New Play Lab. Deadline: August 1st. 

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About the Lab:
The New Play Development Lab pairs playwrights with a director to develop a new play from initial conception to first draft over the course of six months, culminating in staged readings of the new full-length plays written in the lab. Lab commissioned plays gone on to further life nationally and throughout the Bay Area.

The 2013/4 New Play Lab is generously supported by Theatre Bay Area's CA$H program and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.


Lab History

  • Better
  • by Michelle Carter
  • directed by Michael French
  • The Worst
  • by Kate E. Ryan
  • directed by Tracy Ward
  • Mt. Misery
  • by Andrew Saito
  • directed by Addie Gorlin and Rob Melrose
  • FTW
  • by Jonathan Spector
  • directed by Jessica Heidt


  • Humans
  • by Abi Basch
  • directed by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe
  • Forgetting
  • by JC Lee
  • directed by Jessica Burgess
  • The World To Come
  • by Jonathan Spector
  • directed by Nancy Carlin


  • Gizmo
  • by Anthony Clarvoe
  • directed by Rebecca Novick
  • Ideation
  • by Aaron Loeb
  • directed by Joy Carlin
  • In From The Cold
  • by Jonathan Spector
  • directed by Christine Young
  • Before and After
  • by Erin Bregman
  • directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield
  • Dust to Dust
  • by Daniel Heath
  • directed by Paul Cello


  • Toil and/or Trouble
  • by Lauen Gunderson
  • directed by Josh Costello
  • Sandal Weather
  • by Jonathan Spector
  • directed by Mina Morita
  • Nostalgia and Massacare in the Empire of Rath
  • by Christopher Chen
  • directed by Susannah Martin
  • Girl in a Box
  • by Geetha Reddy
  • directed by Jonathan Spector
  • Heartland
  • by Dan Rubin
  • directed by Molly Aaronson-Gelb

(Rather than four or five text based plays, in 2009 we created two devised pieces, which were presented during the Fools' Fury's Fury Factor Festival)

  • and i need that. this is all i need
    conceived and created by Liz Lisle, Jonathan Spector and Chris White
    with Madeliene H.D. Brown, Christen Karle and Mick Mize
    Produced in partnership with Mugwumpin
  • Take Me to The Bridge
    text by Erin Bregman
    music by Dina Maccabee
    directed by Molly Aaronson-Gelb


  • The Whole Tree (Electric)
  • by Julia Jarcho
  • directed by Jonathan Spector
  • The Theory of Everything
  • by Jesse McKinley
  • directed by Katy Hilton
  • Street Symphony #1
  • by Erin Bregman
  • directed by Maryanne Olson


  • The Official Explanation
  • by Tim Bauer
  • Directed by Joy Meads
  • Matterless Fact
  • by Liz Lisle
  • Directed by Jonathan Spector
  • The Dream of a Courtyard
  • by Greg Beuthin
  • Directed by Christopher White
  • Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party
  • by Aaron Loeb
  • Directed Molly Aaronson-Gelb